This nature of questioning is acceptable in Japan.  It is not compulsory to answer every question, but we would appreciate it if you could answer all questions, as it will give us a greater chance to assess your application.

Please type or print.

FULL NAME:                                             NATIONALITY:                              AGE:



                                SEX:    MALE / FEMALE

                                MARITAL STATUS:

                                NO. OF CHILDREN:

  Attach a recent photo here             HEIGHT AND WEIGHT:

APPLICANT’S PRESENT ADDRESS:                                    TEL:  FAX:


APPLICANT’S HOME ADDRESS:                                          TEL:  FAX:



MAJOR:                                        TYPE OF DEGREE RECEIVED:                   

CURRENT G.P.A.:                       


When can you come to Japan and work for Matty’s?  (Please write the earliest date you can come.)

The initial application process takes a few months.  If you need to know sooner,  please indicate here.

Do you have a valid passport?   If yes, please write the expiration date:       

Do you have a Japanese Visa?           If yes, what kind and the expiration date:

If you are in Japan, please write the date of entry:

Have you ever been to Japan? 

If yes:   1) Where:                          2) Reason:                                     3) Duration:

In case of an emergency where to call and what is the relationship?

FATHER’S NAME:                                                  AGE:


    ADDRESS:                                                    Phone No.:


MOTHER’S NAME:                                                 AGE:


    ADDRESS:                                                    Phone No.:



Do you have friends or relatives in Japan?

Name:                                   Relationship:                     Where to live:                       Phone No.:


1.         Why are you applying for this position?  Please rank (from one to seven) the choices below, according to your preference.
(  ) To mix with Japanese people.
(  ) To make money.
(  ) To learn the Japanese language.
(  ) To learn about a particular aspect of Japanese culture.  e.g. flower arranging
(  ) To travel.
(  ) To gain actual experience in teaching English.
(  ) Other. Write in detail.

2.         Please rank (from one to six) your teaching preference and explain the reason why you selected your first choice.

(  ) Pre-school
(  ) Elementary (Grades 1-6)
(  ) Junior High School (Grades 7-9)
(  ) Senior High School (Grades 10-12)
(  ) College
(  ) Adult

3.         Please rank your preference (one to three) from the choices below and explain the reason you selected your first choice.

(  ) Japanese house shared by teachers          (  ) Apartment for yourself         (  ) Japanese home-stay

4.         Do you smoke?
Do you drink alcoholic beverages?            If yes, how often?
Do you have any days that you can not work for Matty’s, because of your religious or any other reason?

5.         Is there any food you cannot eat, because of your religion or any other reason?

6.         Do you get hay fever?            Are you allergic to anything?

Certain foods?            Animals?               Tobacco?            Other?

   Do you have any health problem?             If yes, please explain:

7.         Have you taken a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) course or could you take one before coming to Japan?

8.         Do you have a teaching license?                     If not, when will you be receiving it?

9.         Why would you be a good teacher of English as a second language?

10.      In your opinion, what is the major difference between teaching English to children and to adults?

11.      What experience have you had working with children?  Please elaborate.

12.      Please describe your character strengths and weaknesses.  The use of examples would be helpful.

13.      Please list all the group experiences you have had in which you were a leader and responsible for a group.  Indicate length of time you held the position.

14.      How many years do you wish to work for our school?  Please check one of the following:

(  ) One year               (  ) Two years             (  ) Three years

15.      What sort of monthly earning do you expect from your new job ?

16.      Do you have a valid driver’s license?          How many years (months) have you driven?
Have you had any penalties and/or tickets within the last 3 years?
If yes, for which of the following and how many times?
accident (  )       parking  (  )       speeding  (  )
Are you willing to drive on narrow Japanese roads in heavy traffic?

17.      Have you had any law suits?          Do you have any law suits pending?
If yes, for what reasons?

18.      Are you working now?             If you are working, approximately what is your monthly earning?                                   Do you have a contract?
If so, until what date is your contract binding?
Why do you wish to change your present job?

19.      Do you have a hobby or any special interests or talents?

20.      List your last three places of employment, the duration and names of your supervisors and their telephone numbers.

21.      Have you ever done volunteer work?
If yes, list the work you have done and the duration.

22.      Do you have any debts to repay?
If yes, how much are your monthly payments?

23.      What are your career goals?

24.      Please answer the four hypothetical questions below.

A.    Suppose you are a teacher and in the midst of the semester your parent or a close relative has suddenly taken seriously ill.  A letter comes from your parents asking you to return home within three weeks, which of the four choices below would you choose?  Please write the reason(s) for your choice.

1.           Return home immediately.
2.           Return home at the end of three weeks.
3.           Return home as soon as a replacement is found, but within three weeks.
4.           Delay your return until replacement is found.

B.    You have signed a contract to work for one year at a school, but have been offered work elsewhere with a 50% higher salary.  Supposing all other conditions were the same, what would you do?  Choose one from the examples below.  Please write the reason(s) for your choice.

1.           Keep the present job.
2.           Move to the job with a higher salary.
3.           Ask for a raise and leave if the raise is not given.
4.           Ask for a raise, but even if the raise is not given, stay on at the present job.
5.           Give some period of notice and leave.


C.    A young student wanted to gain working experience during the summer and applied to two first class Japanese companies.  For the same number of hours:   Company ‘A’ offered him $83 per month while Company ‘B’ offered him $1,000 per month.  Supposing Japan has no minimum wage law, and all other conditions were the same, what do you think of the two companies?  Choose one from the examples below.  Please write the reason(s) for your choice.

1.           Company ‘A’ is right and ‘B’ is wrong.
2.           Company ‘B’ is right and ‘A’ is wrong.
3.           Both companies are right because each has the right to offer whatever wages or conditions they
              so desire.
4.           Both companies are wrong.

D.    How would you deal with cultural differences you might encounter?  For example, finding out that your homestay father expects the homestay mother to serve him tea and other food, and you are asked to serve tea also.  Please choose one or more and briefly explain.

1.           I would change my way of thinking to what the Japanese people think.
2.           I would probably try to explain my thoughts, but not my way of thinking.  Then I would accept
              the Japanese way because I am in Japan.
3.           I would insist my way of thinking is correct for the present situation, and I would not accept the
              Japanese way of thinking.
4.           I would probably feel irritated that the Japanese person did not share my view.

25.      Have you ever studied a foreign language? 
Which language, when and for how long?

How well can you speak it?

(  ) fluently       (  ) fairly well        (  ) some         (  ) only a little

26.      Can you project your voice for 4 or 5 hours a day, five days a week without getting laryngitis?

Is your voice    (  ) strong  (  ) normal  (  ) weak?

27.      In order to concentrate on studying, do you like to keep a room quiet like a library or, do you prefer to listen to music while you are studying?

(  ) I like to study in a quiet room.
(  ) I like to listen to music while studying.

28.      How did you learn about MATTY’S chool of English?

University placement office     (  )
Friend                           (  )  Please write name:
Former MATTY’S Teacher     (  )  Please write name:

29.      Among many language schools why did you apply to Matty’s?

30.      MATTY’S School of English has a special agreement with Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA.  This agreement allows university graduates the opportunity to receive Master degree credit at EMU for their work experience at MATTY’S (3 credits/per year, max.  6 credits in Education and credit by examination in Japanese language).  Credit will be awarded upon admission to the EMU M.A. program.  

31.      Are you interested in such an arrangement?         Yes (  )  No (  )


a)         The applicant have to make an arrangement with EMU and MATTY’S to receive the above benefit prior to or within one month after joining MATTY’S.  Otherwise, this benefit will not be applied.

b)        MATTY’S does not guarantee acceptance to the EMU Master program.

c)        While MATTY’S encourages applicants to enroll in the EMU Masters program, the answer to this question will not affect your chance to gain employment with MATTY’S.

On receipt of this application, we will send you more complete information about the school.  The reason we have you complete this question prior to sending our information is to assure your unbiased responses.  Thank you.

Signature of the applicant:                                                   


Remarks:             Please attach your resume, school transcript, and a photograph taken within the last six months.  If you are unable to immediately send some of the above mentioned items, please send them as soon as possible.  However, if you have already sent some of the items mentioned above, it is not necessary to do so again.

               All the material you send us now and in the future is treated confidentially, but it will not be returned to you.


When you e-mail, please be sure that you write in the subject “Matty’s Application Form” otherwise it will not open.


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