Where will I live?

Matty's provides their full-time teachers with two living optionsFa fully furnished dorm and a homestay with a Japanese family.  The dorm is a contemporary Japanese house in a quiet neighborhood that is located within one mile of the office.  The homestay will be set up after arrival and can be in a wide range of locations.

How long is the contract?

Mattyfs contracts are for one year.  Upon successful completion, extensions are available.

How will I travel to the classes?

Mattyfs provides cars with automatic transmission and pays for gas, insurance and all transportation expenses.

How old are the students and many are in each class?

Mattyfs students are from a wide range of ages.  On the same day one may teach a lesson to two year olds and high school students.  Also, regular classes are small and have between 1-8 students.  A teacher is also expected to teach assembly classes, which usually have between 20-100 students.

What are the working hours?

The work week for full-time teachers is 40 hours, usually between 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

How many lessons will I teach each week?

Full-time teachers are expected to teach between 20-25 classes every week.  Teachers will have ample preparation time for each lesson.

What are the vacation periods?

Mattyfs gives five weeks of paid vacation every year (two weeks in August, two weeks in December/January and one week in May).  Teachers will also have 15 additional days off for Japanese national holidays.

Will I need to speak Japanese?

Teachers are not required to know Japanese.  The Mattyfs staff is filled with kind and bilingual professionals that will help you navigate through Japan. Also, teachers are prohibited from using the Japanese language in the classroom.@@

What are the requirements for employment?

Potential teachers are required to be a native English speaker with a standard accent.  Applicants with a teaching or linguistics degree are preferred, but anyone with a desire to learn the Matty's direct method will be considered. Also, applicants should have a willingness to stay one or more years, have a love of children and be willing and able to sing.

How will I obtain a Japanese Working Visa?

Mattyfs will sponsor you.  The Japanese Working Visa process takes 2-3 months from the day all required materials are received.

How will I acquire Health Insurance?

Upon the reception of the Japanese Working Visa, Mattyfs staff will help you acquire a National Health Insurance Card.