Inaugural Sazanka Club Prize Awarded to Mitsuo Kyokuta, Founder of Mattyfs School of English


Matty 's School of English is located on the Tokyo Bay side of the Miura Peninsula. The sea, mountains, and spectacular views of Mt. Fuji make this a very desirable location. Sailing, windsurfing, hiking, and rock climbing are all possible in the immediate area. Yokohama, Kamakura, and Tokyo with their wealth of theaters, museums, temples, and shops are easily accessible. The climate of the Miura Peninsula is one of the best in Japan. One can experience four distinct seasons here. Spring's cherry blossoms and fall's beautiful colors are particularly delightful. The summer can be rather humid, but winter is mild with few days of snow.
Go beyond the newspaper clippings and find out what Japanese people are really like. Matty 's homestay families and friendly bilingual staff are ready to teach you the basics in Japanese language, culture, and cooking. They can help make life in Japan, where the simplest tasks can be difficult at first, very enjoyable and educational.

Matty's School of English was founded in 1971. Matty's is the pioneer of Early Childhood English Education in Japan. Our program is designed to supplement the regular school system. and to help Japanese children develop basic English conversation skills, Most Japanese students study English only to pass school entrance examinations, and little attention is paid to speaking and listening ability. However, Matty's major emphasis is on speaking with correct intonation and pronunciation. Matty's Direct method, which all the teachers use, also emphasizes memorization of basic sentence patterns and the use of actions. Matty 's believes it is important for Japanese children to start learning English as early as possible. As of January of 1996, 80% of Matty's students were elementary school children or younger, but a teacher can expect to have students of all ages (even adults), as classes in one location start with classes of younger students and progress to classes of older students.

Homestay with Japanese family
Some of Matty's Teachers

Teachers make classes enjoyable using songs, action lessons, games, visual aids and hands on activities. Usually, teachers spend time every day planning lessons and making props. Teachers make the classroom an English language environment, where students learn customs and attitudes.

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